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More movies before school begins...
Monday, January 14, 2013 | 7 comments

So I've been catching up on my hobbies faster than ever before school begins again for me.
These are the recent ones I've watched and lemme tell you, I'm so glad I watched these!! :D

(watched on DVD)

Omg, at first I thought this would be boring since I'm not a huge fan of the typical American rom-com movies that have lame jokes, but omg this was really awesome!!!! I loved some of the acapella songs, loved Rebecca's uniqueness, and most of all i loved FAT AMY!!!! Omg she was the main reason why I enjoyed the movie, she was hilarous!!!! She really made my day. Including the quiet Asian girl who kept muttering weird things. It was worth watching them! However, I wasnt a big fan on the relationship between Rebecca and that guy who liked was just 'bleh'.. But overall, it was a fun movie.

 (watched on DVD)

Another good movie although i had bittersweet opinions on it for some reason. Honestly, I only watched it for Emma Stone, I love her she's one of my favorite actresses ever since I watched her in the Amazing Spiderman! I loved the part when her character, Olive, sings "Pocketful of Sunshine" at her home. But after that, things got spiralling down with awful rumors about her. It was funny how she reacted with the crowd but morally it wasnt pleasing obviously lol But i focused on the humor. And again, same thing with the bible group, I was kinda happy there was a bible group featuring Amanda Bynes, but it was a genuine group that actually did the right things in the first place -_-" But I guess that was the humor? idk. I know it's random but, I'm not pleased with any Christian humor in movies to be honest, it's not right Dx
But anywho, aside from all that, it was a good movie. Without Emma Stone, it wouldve been a flop.

(watched in Theaters)
This is the first Tom Cruise movie that I have ever watched to be honest!!! LOL I havent watched 'Top Gun' or other movies with TC. He's actually pretty good actor. The fact that this movie had the old typical 90's style action music and action scenes was so typical of Tom Cruise. I really laughed SO hard when it came to funny fighting scenes when the bad guys made fool of themselves and couldnt even hit Jack! lol I loved that this movie had sense of humor. However, the ending was so predictable, the whole movie was, in fact. But it was worth watching.

Life Update: Back to School next week! It's sad that it's the last movie before School. I wonder if I'll get chance to catch up on movies during the semester, that really depends on my busy schedules and such. It's been MONTHS since I've gone back to school since I skipped a semester due to financial issues. It's a bittersweet moment for me since I've missed studying yet I'll miss the freedom I had lol But I've got to set the goals straight and do my best! ^ ^ Speaking of returning to school, I have bittersweet thoughts of even coming back to my old community college after a year-- I'm a well-known person there since I worked in the campus bookstore for years, so it's kinda intimidating, and I'm concerned about my classes being transferred back to my other Univ., and being able to get A's and stuff, but on the other side, I'm kinda happy to go back to College since it brings back loads of memories and it's a lot easier compared to a regular Univ. But either way, I'm just going to Trust in God in every step of the way because I know He's gonna make a way! ^.^
So yeah, until then, i'll try to enjoy my free time as much as i can ; u;

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Goodbye 2012!! and Hello 2013!!!!.......
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 | 2 comments

Oh man, 2012 has been such a long year with bittersweet wasn't the best year yet it wasn't the worst. But I hope that 2013 will be a better year to come ^ ^
There's so much to be grateful for in the previous year, but here are some things that were in mind

Best of 2012
- Met my childhood friend/schoolmate after 10 years!!!
- I got my very first smartphone- an iPhone 5!!
- thankful for the apps such as- Youtube, ABC, iBooks, Wordswithfriends etc
- I got time to catch up on many movies, tv shows and books
- Years later, I worked on clay to broaden my creative skills lol
- I visited New York with friends (first trip without family lol)
- Even though i got into an accident for the first time ever, I've never got injured, Thank God!
- I'm thankful for my new room makeover I got this summer xD
- Thankful for artistry makeup kit that saved my time and helped my skin get/look better xD
- Started drinking green tea xD
- I've been starting to love candles a lot more! lol
- Chapsticks & Lotions <3
- Favorite book of the year: Hunger Games!
- I volunteered at a Hospital 
- So thankful for DD's Oreo Coolata in summer and DD's Ultimate Hot chocolate! <3
- I finally got more jobs that I can add to my resume
- My Sister got engaged! So happy for her <33
- We broke the Thanksgiving tradition of staying at home, and enjoyed with my sister's fiance's family
- Thankful to my friends and family for their support and love <333
- I became spiritually stronger in the Lord and I will keep on keeping on!! :)

Did you know that 2013 is the first year since 1987 to have 4 different numbers?!
Now that's pretty interesting xD
I don't really stick to New Years Resolutions but I trust in God in ever step of the way hoping that I'd be a better person and be a blessing to others for His glory ^___^ Amen!
In church, this was the promise I got:
"And He shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine age." Ruth 4:15
At first I was wondering why it mentioned my age, but I guess it means for the years to come. So i'm so thankful for His promises ^o^
So yeah, sadly i missed the fireworks so I'll just watch it on TV. But I enjoyed my time till 4am, which is the latest hour i've ever been awake in months!! lol

Here's to another blessed year! Cheers and God Bless!! ^___^ <3

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Merry Christmas Everyone!! ^__^
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 | 1 comments

Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

I hope everyone's having a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!! Such an awesome Christmas season!!! So much to be thankful for. It is such a joy to give to others, just as God gave us the best gift we could ever ask for-- Jesus!! ^_^ I enjoyed caroling at Churches and homes, attending many Christmas events and spending time with family! It was such a blessing.
 I even baked Christmas sugar cookies. I'm still not content with the icing but I'll do better next time ^^"

I thought it would be appropriate to watch a 'winter' related movie for winter, so I watched "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift"!!!!! :D

ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT - Shii's movie review


Honestly, I was not so interested in watching this movie, but since my friend insisted, I thought I'd give it a try. This movie was pretty good, but not as good as the previous movies. It was just too overdone with the cheesy parts of Peaches and her crush, Diego falling for that Pirate kitty, and so on. But I did love the whole adventure and the side characters. Granny was hysterical, Sid was great and most of all I loved the Psychotic squirrel! It was pretty interesting how this movie explained their version of 'The Ice Age'. I wouldn't watch it again, but it was still pretty good.

The next movie I'm planning to watch in theaters is the new movie with Tom Cruise (I forget what it's called lol) with my bestie ^ ^

Well, until next time Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! :'D


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Movies & art stuff!....
Sunday, December 16, 2012 | 3 comments

THE HOBBIT -- Shii's movie review

After months of waiting for this movie, I finally got to watch it!!!! IN HFR 3D VERSION, OH YEAH!! The quality of the movie was beyond awesome!!!!! CRYSTAL CLEAR QUALITY WITH NO BLURRY STUFF!!! To be honest, this movie was sort of bittersweet for many reasons. Firstly, It was really awesome and I loved it a LOT <33 BUT it wasn't as satisfying as "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy
. Not to spoil things for anyone but, it ended in a cliffhanger...which is reasonable since they don't want to spoil things for the next Hobbit movie. But I was so engrossed into the movie that it didn't even feel like 3 hours passed by. I just wished it kept on going! lol I think it's just me xD
But anywho, I'm a huge fan of Peter Jackson's movies since he follows the storyline right from the book and doesn't mess up anything in the movie. He pretty much gets all the details right. Atleast I'm glad he allows us to see the wonders of New Zealand in a way ;D  I'm mainly saying this 'cause I watched the "Honest trailers of movies" on youtube!!
I loved how there were a lot of funny scenes with Bilbo and the dwarves in his little Hobbit home. And I usually never say this for dwarves (since they were all mostly ugly), but Thorin and those two dwarf brothers were kinda cute! xD Honestly I thought Gandalf should've looked younger in this movie, he looked a lot older (which I understand, since this movie was made after LOTR), but seriously, they should've graphically erased his wrinkles!!! Gollum's another character I looked forward to since I kindly feel bad, and feel grossed out at the same time. I cannot get over the elvish way of life--so peaceful, calm, carefree and their natural haven is awesome!! It would be my best vacation ever. Seriously, I want to go on vacation to New Zealand! I also love the Hobbit homes as well...really peaceful but not much going on there. But I wasn't a huge fan of the ugly trolls and Orcs as awful, but atleast the Orcs didn't have ugly paint on their faces this time, so it was bearable. All in all, I really loved this movie, it was worth the wait!! And you can't go wrong with the soundtrack, it's one of the best. But it is not as EPIC as the amazing "Lord of the Rings" trilogy...I don't care how long and detailed it is, but it's one of Peter Jackson's masterpieces!!!!! GO WATCH IT!!!

 K-ON! movie -- Shii's movie review

I honestly did not know that there was even a movie included along with the 2 seasons of the anime series!!! It was like a dream come true since I never wanted the series to end! It was simply worth it and much better than the anime series because each episode would be such a drag  with too many fillers and such. But this actually had a plot and the girls had a great adventure. It was simply cute, fun and enjoyable.The good thing was that Yui wasn't much annoying with her stupidity like she was in the anime series.
But overall, it was simply awesome <3
Watch it!!

Life update & art: So yeah, other than watching the Hobbit in theaters, me and my bestie had a good time hanging out at the Mall after months! We went window-shopping as always and as a birthday present she bought me the Hunger games Mockingjay necklace, Mockingjay bracelet and Mockingjay Pin!! I'm so happy with them all :)
I actually made her my very first sculpey clay sculpture, which I was meaning to post yesterday, but here it is, lol It's not the best but it's quite decent if you ask me ;P
I have a lot more ideas of things to make with clay! So before school begins, I'll see what I can do! 
I should also post the stuff I made back in High school for my "crafts and Pottery" class!!! ^ ^
Sadly, this lil totoro got a sticky varnishing finish, so I'll have to use a new water-based glossy finish for the ones to come. 


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Happy 12/12/12!
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 | 2 comments

Happy Belated Birthday to Me <3
Oh wow, I didn't even get the chance to blog on my birthday which was December 8th! It was always my parents' 30th wedding anniversary as well lol
Well, it was a fun day although the weather was awful. The good part was getting a surprise birthday party from my family and friends. But the bad part was that soon after the party, I had to go to work at my 2nd job. But it was still a fun day though. Earlier, my dad helped me get an iphone just as a birthday present, then my Mom also got me a fancy "Coach" perfume which smells awesome, and my sister gave me a cute greeting card and some super cute outfits to wear, I was so happy!! Plus, I got a free meal at work and I was super excited. ^-^ Me and my ssiter gave a nice greeting card for our parents' anniversary. And since it's a special occasion, the "actual" party is not until the 31st, since it's been so busy for all of us and we're trying to fuse a lot of events into one huge celebration LOL
But yeah... Such a memorable day because it made me realize that I'm so blessed which such an awesome family and friends who care and I really thank God 'cause He's always provided for me through the 23 years of my life, through the good and the bad, and I've got nothing to lose.
"O Lord, You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of Your own eternal presence." - Psalm 16:11 TLB

Life Update: So, besides being busy with work, I used the spare time with drawing, sleeping, watching TV, and eating lol...pretty much catching up on life itself since work has taken over my spare time. And eventually it will be school taking over all over again D:
 Speaking of school, I have registered for two classes:
Physics-1  (calc-based physics)
Biology Principles -2  (pre-requisite for Genetics)
So, once I get these classes out of the way, I can rush through electives and get my degree soon ;-;
So hopefully, it goes well...sadly my freedom will be long gone while i'm at it...
But for now, I'm enjoying the spare time. And since I'm suddenly in a craftsy mood, I decided to try so many different things. Yesterday I purchase Sculpey clay, some cute charms and bracelet wires, so let's  see how it all works out :O
I have yet to complete the book vase from summer's a long awaited thing since August..
For Christmas presents, I just wanted to give my close friends some cute clay charm thingies, I'm not sure how it'll turn out , but we'll see...and I was also thinking of making candles...but I think i'm a bit too late for that, i'm not sure, I might have to google that.
Apart from arts & crafts, I've tried to bake as well. For Thanksgiving, I baked this awesome Apple Pie for the very first time, and it actually turned out pretty good!! Hats off to Betty Crocker ;D
(ignore the awful cloth underneath it lol)

I still continue reading books. I'm still reading the "Red Herring without Mustard" by Alan Bradley which is the 3rd book of the "Flavia Series", which i'm a HUGE fan of, but I still haven't got a chance to review the 2nd book, which is "The Weed that Strings the Hangman's bag", so here it is ^ ^

The Weed that Strings the Hangman's bag

I should have reviewed this a second I was done reading, which was last month since I'm running out of words to say as of now. And I'm awful at giving fancy reviews, so I'll just give my plain opinion-- It was awesome!!! ^-^
In fact, the writing was much better than the first one, Bradley apparently decided not to try so hard with words lol. But as always, Flavia, the 11 year old Chemistry-loving genius, really spiced up the story and became a part of an interesting crime-solving case at her hometown. There were some new characters whome I liked and didn't like. Mrs. Ingleby basically gave me the creeps the minute Flavia met her in the beginning of the book and the end when Flavia found her nearly dying of poison since she was so unpredictable. It's crazy how you think you know you did the crime, but then it turns out to be the person you've been feeling sorry for the whole time. I love how this book had me on edge of my chair. Some of the parts were just a nailbiting moments esp. when it got to the climax. Atleast I'm glad that unlike the first book, Flavia wasn't in danger even when she confronted the murderer. I sometimes feel bad for Flavia when she gets picked on by her sisters. But I love how she gets back at them for revenge, that's what makes the book all the better. Her personality's simply irresistable. I urge you to read if you love mystery/comedy stories!!!

So far, I am loving the 3rd book and I'll try to get it done asap, since I still have many other books to read.
I have a goodreads account, which I basically use to allow me to keep track of the books I have read and have yet to read.
 Feel free to visit and join Goodreads, if you love reading books and keeping track of your list! ^__^

I just can't wait for Saturday. After months I'm gonna see my bestie again and we're gonna watch "The Hobbit" in HFR version!! So excited!! ^.^
Also I'm so excited for Christmas! Unlike last year, I have been festive this year with the Holiday cheer! I've been listening to Holiday music and got all decorations done. I'm totally in the Christmas spirit 100%! :D

Visit a new affiliate! <3
Katy Is Me

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Spiders don't have to pay the rent......great...-_-
Friday, November 30, 2012 | 4 comments

I was bored of having boring titles so I made up something xD
Since I missed out on watching it in theaters, I finally got to watch "The Amazing Spiderman" today on DVD. So here's my itzy bitzy review.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN -- Shii's movie review

After watching the first 3 spiderman movies, I thought this would be a flop since the actors were different and I was wondering if Andrew Garfield could do better as spiderman. But alas, he did! It was'nt so bad afterall. I actually loved the movie. I love Emma Stone and her role as Gwen Stacy, although I still wonder what happened to "Mary Jane" (Spiderman's old girlfriend) lol.
All the action, the storylines, the effects and scenes were pretty good. I obviously loved how Peter Parker grew to be Spiderman, it was all adventurous. But I hated how he was sometimes just being stupid esp. around Gwen. Like, when he's trying to tell her the truth, he just chicken's out big time and it was frustrating. Also I wasn't fan of the lizard-man. In reality, I HATE lizards because I had terrible experiences with them as a kid. They're ugly and disgusting. But anywho, these lizards in the movie didn't bother me that much since they seemed 'unreal'. Also I'm still curious about the mysterious man in the End Credit Scene!! And I wonder what has happened to Peter's Parents in the past. I hope there's a 2nd movie sequel to this!!!! :D
Overall, it was an awesome movie. It's not epic as the batman movie, but it's still pretty good and it's worth it. ^-^

Next movies yet to watch:
- K-ON! The movie (The anime series was really good, I suggest to watch it!)
- The Hobbit in theaters (squeeee!!! so excited!!)

Currently reading:
-The red Herring without mustard by Alan Bradley (3rd book of Flavia series)

Oh snap, that reminds me, I forgot to write a review on the 2nd book I already read! xD
I'll do that later :P

Life Update: So ever since I got my new Iphone 5, I was very careful with it. I even purchased a case online and I'm waiting on it. Unfortunately, my butter fingers dropped the fragile thing on my way to the University!! (T___T)"" I'm soo mad that this happens to me!! Now the sides of the iphone have awful scars and scratches. Luckily the screen and the back side is fine but still the side is made of aluminum coating, so it gets damaged easily. :'(   Hopefully I can get my case to cover it. Recently,I've been getting more work hours from my 2nd job and less time to myself. Moreover, now that I'm going back to school next semester, I'm even more busy preparing for it. But I'm soo excited for Christmas!! I just can't wait to decorated the house again!! > u<


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steppin it up.....
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 | 0 comments

Step Up Revolution -- Shii's movie review

The movie was okay I guess, it wasn't the best. The only reason why I watched the movie was to watch the amazing dances. I was blown away by some of the performances. One of my most favorite was the dance in the art museum. Mindblown!! But as far as the story goes, it was okay. I mean, I liked the fact that dancing for a contest turned into dancing to make a movement to the public. But apart from that it was pretty flat- the characters, the acting, the was alright, nothing close to epic.

Next movies I plan to watch are:
 -The Amazing Spiderman
 -The Hobbit

 The shows I'm still watching are:
- Mentalist
- ANTM (for the heck of it)

Books I'm currently reading are:
- The Weed that strings the hangman's bag (So far so good!)
- College Physics book (to prepare for next semester LOL)

 I can't wait for Thanksgiving! :'D I'm gonna bake this apple pie tomorrow. I was planning to make it today but I got so carried away with cleaning.
later peeps! <3

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